Our Mission

The San Miguel Resource Center empowers and advocates for individuals affected by domestic violence and sexual assault through intervention and supportive services, while promoting social change through prevention education and community awareness.

Our Vision

We envision an equitable community in which every person has the right and the ability to be safe, respected, empowered and free from oppression, violence and the fear of violence.

Inclusivity Statement

We strive to create an environment that affirms diversity of persons as well as diversity of views to ensure inclusive and accessible spaces for all.

Our Mission

In the past 5 years, SMRC clientele has grown 153%

In 1993 we were founded as the “Tomboy House” by a group of citizens who were concerned that the needs of domestic violence victims were not being met by local service providers. Victims, survivors, their families and friends, and community professionals initiated a grassroots effort that resulted in the first victim service agency in San Miguel County. Today, we are still the only victim service agency in our region, and our clientele continues to grow. 

SMRC doesn’t necessarily perceive this as negative, as more individuals are seeking help.  However, it is also an incentive to continuing working towards our mission to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault in our community. Domestic violence and sexual assault occur in every segment of society regardless of class, race, ethnicity, or culture. Domestic violence and sexual assault affect every community, every workplace, every family and 10% of sexual assault victims in the US are men according to the National Crime of victimization Survey. Historically, SMRC statistics speak for themselves:

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